• I chapter 20 years ago, the Kudla v. Poland judgment
  • II chapter Punish and Care. The difficult apprehension by European law of a paradoxical injunction
  • III chapter Material conditions of detention
  • IV chapter Prison violence
  • V chapter Bringing the law into prison
  • VI chapter What prospects for European prison law?
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20 years after the Kudla judgment, celebrating the work of justice, discerning the limits and defining the perspectives

Everywhere in Europe, the demand for justice from inside prisons claims the principles laid down by the Court in Strasbourg. The fact that these principles now constitute a common horizon for defending the rights of detainees, over and above the variety of penitentiary systems and the diversity of legal traditions, is sufficient to demonstrate the […]

Chapter 1 — 20 years ago, the Kudla v. Poland judgment
All countries
The Court’s contribution to the protection of detainees in Europe, as seen by the CPT

In this video, Mykola Gnatovskyy, President of the CPT, gives his point of view on the crucial role played by the European Court of Human Rights in protecting detainees across the continent, on the relationship it has with the Committee he directs, and on how the bodies of the Convention and the CPT can act […]

Chapter 1 — 20 years ago, the Kudla v. Poland judgment
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The techniques employed by the European Court of Human Rights to protect the rights of detainees

Unlike other international instruments to protect human rights[1], the European Convention on Human Rights only protects people deprived of their liberty from arbitrary detention[2]. This absence of a standard, which was deplored by the European judge A. Spielmman[3] and is surprising given the post-war context that gave rise to the European Convention, is not however […]

Chapter 1 — 20 years ago, the Kudla v. Poland judgment
All countries
Prison, a sentence-problem

Why today do militants still need to worry about what is happening in prisons, to inform people and fight to ensure that detainees’ rights are respected? And why do national and European judges need to assess whether fundamental rights are respected? Have prisons not been reformed, rights recognised and the penitentiary authorities inspected? The answer […]